Differences between Team and Consultant plans when working with clients

  • 23 July 2020
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Hi, I currently have the Consultant plan with my clients but I don’t see the difference between the ‘unlimited anonymous board editors’ feature on the Team plan and ‘full-access for occasional users with day passes’.

I mean, If I use the Teams plan, my clients can access their boards/projects as anonymous editors instead of one-day editors (day pass) with the same privacy and secure workspace. I don’t see the value in getting the Consultant plan when the Teams does basically the same and bit cheaper. 

Could you please shed some light? 


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3 replies

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@Alejandro ZJ -

Anonymous Guest Editors don’t have full access to Miro capabilities and features on the boards. You also can’t “name” such editors so with a large workshop it will be challenging to identify who is who. Finally, there is no way to password protect boards (yet) being shared in this manner so there is the potential for a board getting hacked…


I agree on the latter aspects. Thing is, most of my clients (corporates) have never used Miro, why would they want a day-pass for full-access when it’s for a one-time use when I just want them to be editors on one board/project? I rarely have large workshops. Plus, buying seats for my team as Consultant is more expensive than Teams . That’s why I think Teams would work better for me as a consultancy. 

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While Guest Editors who are not logged into Miro show up as “Guest Editor/Artist/etc.”, if they were to sign up for a free account, when they are logged into Miro and then browse to the board you shared as Anyone with the link Can edit from that same browser, you will see their name.

E.g., I created a board in my Consultant account and opened the link from another browser where I was not logged in - this is what I see in my Consultant account:

I then logged into Miro using an account where I do not have a paid seat on any Team (am just on a Free team) and browsed to the same board as before - now my name is shown:


Keeping track of boards they have accessed with a Shared link, but that they are NOT a member of

If your clients do create a free account, when they are on the board that you share with them, they will now see the board in their Miro Dashboard under Starred:

#1 - Open the board and click on the star beside the board name (top-left of screen):

#2 - From their Free account Dashboard, when they select Starred, they will see this board