Cut and paste from Word is now an image...

Until this morning, cutting and pasting from Word would result in a text block on a Miro board.
Now it’s pasting as an image.
I have rebooted Miro, same problem.
From other sources, eg web pages, it still pastes as text - only Word seems to have changed its behaviour as a source.
Is this a known issue? Did something just change with Word?

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Also, pasting text into Miro used to retain the formatting (eg bold etc). Now it just dumps the text with no formatting!
This is either a bug, or a huge step backwards.
I just moved a board from Mural to Miro partly because of this issue, because that’s how Mural always behaved. (I’m not a regular Mural user, much prefer Miro. But this change is worrying me...)

Yeah! Copy from Google Docs just pastes unformatted text. It might be a conflict with Flycut, but I don’t believe so.