Creating a board that people with visual impairment can navigate easier in it

  • 19 January 2023
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Is there a screen reader app that integrates better with Miro or other tools that would make Miro more accessible for people with visual impairment?

I will be working with people with visual impairment with various degrees in a future project. When I asked them about the apps that they have been using to navigate the internet they shared that they are not using any yet! I was really surprised by that.

Until now, they have been zooming everything in and loosing so much time and energy in this process… With that in mind, I would like to present them a board to help them to collaborate with other participants and focus on the collaboration itself, and not loose so much of their energy struggling with the tool, in this case the board. Could you support me in this design process related to suggesting and testing some integrations? Thanks ;)

I read the both posts on Miro on how to create a board that is easier for screen reader to read, but I guess I am one step behind … What screen reader is better to use with Miro? 

Looking forward in hearing from you all!

5 replies

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This sounds like a very interesting topic. I’m getting into this topic myself at the moment. I think what screen readers you can use also heavily depends on the OS people are using. Do you have more information on that?

Thank you for your reply @Tboeh. I’ve asked them, and I didn’t hear from them yet.

Meanwhile, doing some research, I found out that for Mac the screen reader recommended is called Voice Over that comes together with all apple products, so not only laptop, but also iPhone, and iPad.

For Windows, there is NVDA, that is an open source software, and apparently more user friendly. For corporative usage (school and companies), JAWS seems to be the most used, but apparently is very heavy to run and you need some time to learn how to use.

I will create some test boards for my project, and thy to find some people to try them with the screen reader, and go from there. Let’s see how it goes. 

If anyone who is reading this post have more informations or tips on screen readers for miro boards, please, let me know, I will be happy to learn more about it. 

Thank you!    

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this seems to be the status for Miro at the moment. Did you have a look at this before @Luiza Oliveira?

Yes, I read it ;) I will do some tests and check how the screen reader will run around it before testing it. Let’s see.

Thanks @Tboeh ;)

@Luiza Oliveira - I’m looking into making Miro boards more accessible - I’d be interested to know how your testing with the screenreader worked out. Did you find it made it manageable for users?