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  • 1 February 2022
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Last week our team was experiencing some flakiness with the connection lines on our Miro board. Some could see the lines and others could not. We found that if we made the lines thicker then some could see them again but we have lines all over our board and this is not something we can do. I couldn’t figure out what was going on so I downloaded the Miro app on my PC to see if that helped and unfortunately I had the same problem. Then eventually they magically started appearing again. Yesterday some of my teammates were unable to see them again and today they are gone for me. What the heck is going on?!?! This is driving me nuts and making my work very challenging!! Anyone else experiencing issues like this?

9 replies

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@Amy Mccarthy -

I haven’t experienced this behavior, but if it is affecting more than one Miro access method for your boards, I’d recommend opening a support request here so the Miro support team can troubleshoot it with you. It would be good to include an image or a video of the behavior.

Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center


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Thanks @Kiron Bondale! I will do that!

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The other thing I forgot to mention is sometimes it is changing the lines from solid to dotted also. So weird.

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I saw my lines disappear too from one of my boards. For me the lines are almost invisible when the board is zoomed out. Take a look at this. Maybe its related:

Same problem...

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Hi @Dora Luz González Bañales,

Please consider working with a higher zoom level if you don't see the connection lines when the board is opened with a very small zoom level. Connection lines' size depends on the zoom level; it's by design. Upvoting Jovee's Wish List idea: Make lines more visible when zoomed out, and sharing your use case there would also help bring visibility to the issue.

If the connection lines' disappearance isn't connected to the board's zoom level, could you please describe in more detail what exactly is happening step by step and in what scenario? Would you mind sending a short video reproducing the issue you encountered? I'd recommend using Loom - Video Recorder as it's free and gives you an option to upload the video straight after recording it.

It seems the problem is related with the browser, I tried with Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Explorer, and now the lines appear a little bit more visible, it happens when I use the Clusterizer App.

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Thanks for clarifying, @Dora Luz González Bañales!

Internet Explorer is actually not included in the list of our supported browsers, so there might be some issues that one would face when working in this browser. Using a supported browser or our desktop app should help resolve this issue. 

Could you please record a video or a gif showing what exactly is happening with connection lines when you use the Clusterizer App? 

Hello, I’ve been having this issue on the Miro Mac App v0.7.23



I have a screen recording but am unable to attach it…


This is also an issue for my other colleagues (Mac app also, and a browser (Linux))


A work around we’ve found is that we can copy + paste arrows and then connect them