Card with expand arrow at center bottom.

  • 21 July 2020
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I have some Cards on my Miro board that have an arrow at the bottom of the card.

If I click the arrow the card goes to full length to display all the text on the card and the arrow goes away.

How do I get it back to have the arrow?  
I like this because the card size does not grow even though I add more text. 

I can not figure out how I got the arrow at the center bottom on the border of some of the cards in the first place.

If I place a brand new card it does not have the clickable arrow.


1 reply

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@John Howard -

Based on my playing, there is some “finicky” behavior with using that arrow to fully expand the card. It shows up automatically for me whenever I reduce the height of a card such that all the text within it is not visible. Sometimes I can get it to auto-expand by clicking the arrow but other times that doesn’t work…