Cannot reconfigure Jira Cards

  • 24 July 2020
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We recently acquired a company and are going to use their Jira instance instead of ours. I need to reinstall the Jira Card integration and repoint to their Jira. I tried to uninstall the Jira Cards Plugin according the the help article located at: The Uninstalling Jira Cards plugin section has a step 2 to disable a webhook. This never shows up when I uninstall. Instead, I see an uninstall prompt and when clicked, Jira Cards seems to uninstall.

The issue is when I try to reinstall so that I can connect to the new instance, it just shows as reinstalled without walking through the installation instructions. Does anyone know how I can repoint. This is making Miro unusable for us.


Best answer by Jeremy Lee 30 July 2020, 16:25

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2 replies

This has been fixed by technical support. Thank you!!

In addition, I created a new team and installed the Jira Card plugin on the new team and the custom settings did not show up for the new team either.