Cannot create team, I'm the administrator of the account

  • 18 June 2020
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I cannot create teams.

I own the account I'm trying to create a team in and I have the Consultant Plan.
This is really bad user experience. Why is it so hidden?
And yes, I have tried following the two methods on the "how to create a team in miro" page.


Why is it like this? This is extremely frustrating.

5 replies

More info:
There simply isn't an option, the buttons won't appear. They do not exist as in the images on the support section or in the YouTube videos.


My company has important and sensitive work to do, we have even changed our plan to Consultant with more seats. This makes NO sense.

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Why not share using screenshots so that we can understand you better? For example, we do not understand what "buttons won't appear" means as we don't know what buttons you're referring to. If you can share the Miro help link that you're using, that will be great too.

I personally don't have a problem with creating Teams.

In Settings, there's the Teams options right at the bottom.


If you click on it, you get a page that shows all your Teams and a "Create Teams" option.


This is the link with two ways to create a Miro Team,

the buttons that will not appear are the buttons to create the team.


There is no button anywhere whatsoever related to creating a team, I have looked for it even in places I was sure it would not appear. Again, I am the administrator of the Consultant Plan Account.



Could anybody help, please? Has anyone gone through the same?

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@Sensorama Design -

at this point, I’d suggest a support request be submitted here: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center