Cannot change viewer settings as admin

  • 13 October 2020
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I was exploring the settings and came across this one:

I thought “Lovely! Let’s make it view-only for the team, since I’m the only one who edits it.” In a moment of weakness, I set it to “Can view” and revoked my own editing access. The board is owned by a different team member.

I’m a team admin, so according to, I should be able to re-permission myself as an editor. I’ve looked all over and cannot find a way to do that - am I missing something, is this a bug, or are the docs incorrect?


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4 replies

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@Matthew Rastovac - I believe this is functioning as expected. You have mentioned that you are a Team Admin, however, the documentation is referring to the Company Admin  role - these are different. See the Roles in Miro help article for more details.



Ah, I see now. I didn’t realize Team Admins were different from Company Admins. Do we have to upgrade to the business plan to have access to the Company Admin role?

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Correct - the Company Admin role is only available on the Business, Consultant, and Enterprise plans. However, there is a minimum team member requirement of 20 on the Business Plan, and it looks like you can only paid yearly unlike the Team Plan which offers monthly.

More more info here:


Gotcha - thanks for all the help!