Can't Group Different Types of Objects

  • 9 February 2022
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Before the latest update, I could group any objects on the board with other objects - frames, shapes, text, sticky notes, images. Today, I can only group objects of the same type. Half the time I add something different now, the option to group disappears.

Sometimes I can group different types of objects, but it seems arbitrary - I could group 2 text boxes with multiple shapes, but when I added the third text box, the ability to group disappeared. Sometimes I can’t add a different type of object at all without the ability to group disappearing. If I select multiple types of objects at once with the left click&drag, I don’t get the option no matter what.

Is this broken for anyone else? Is this a bug with the latest update?

17 replies

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I’m also encountering this mysterious issue. However I’ve got a simple #workaround. Simply select all the objects you want to group, then:

  • Ctrl-C
  • Delete
  • Ctrl-V
  • Ctrl-G

I hope the issue will be fixed so that in future all we need is select all the objects you want to group, then:

  • Ctrl-G

… But for now the extra 3 steps is a perfectly manageable extra step.

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@Chen Qiu -

Content within a table can’t be grouped (see and the same rule likely applies to content outside the table. 

This wish list topic covers the inability to group content within a table, so feel free to upvote it and add a comment with the additional requirement of being able to group tables with other objects:


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Hi @aortlieb

Thank you for reporting the issue! 🛠

We’re sorry you’ve run into it but please have no worries - I’ve converted this post into a support ticket and our team will reach out to you shortly via email. Stay tuned! 🙂


this behaviour is still happening, any update on this topic? 


Thank you!


I am not able to group images and frames recently? Is this a new bug? 

Please help. 

Thank you.


having the same problem here and it‘s really annoying. I cannot group tables and sticky notes.

would be interested for update as well. Thx!

I’m having the same mysterious issue, and it’s a step deeper:

Using the #workaround Stone Street mentioned, I can group objects (and align them, etc.).

However, once I do any manipulation with the group of objects (align, resize, etc.), the problem returns.  So, to align vertically requires one #workaround.  Then to align horizontally I need to redo the #workaround to get the grouping function back.


Once is manageable, but it’s quite irritating after repeating it thrice.

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@Viktoria Kogan - We need more context on what the objects are and where they are on the board. For example:


I would try a process of elimination to determine the condition that is causing the issue:

  1. Move the objects to a blank spot on the board and try again.
  2. Start removing objects one-by-one to see which object(s)/types were causing the issue.

And, as a reminder, note that some objects cannot be grouped when they are in certain object types:

Apparently still an issue. The copy → delete → paste → group works for me but seems like a very silly workaround

I don’t understand what is the rationale behind not allowing to group objects on a table/frame/etc… We always work on frames or tables and place stickies onto those assets in Miro anyways. This is how it works for teams. Why are you blocking people’s workflow? Do I have to move stickies out of the frame to be able to group them and move them back again every time ? Why are you causing this loss of time? 
Please do some workflow/journey map studies and get an understanding around how people use your tool, you have UXRs in your team. There is no explanation of this blocker.

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@Kiron Bondale Additional wish, not “requirement” 😉

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I am not able to group images and frames recently? Is this a new bug? 

Please help. 

Thank you.

@Marie Al-Bayati - There are a number of limitations when it comes to grouping - read more here:

With that in mind, can you provide more details of the exact scenarios that are not working for you? A screen recording could be helpful - Loom is free and easy to share a video.

Hi @Robert Johnson ,

thank you for taking care of this issue.

I have the same problem as you can see in the screenshots below:

When trying to group two post-its (screenshot 1) I am displayed the option to group.

When trying to group some text, lines and suqares (screenshot 2) I am not provided with the option to group and the shortcut ´Command G´ also doesn't show any effect.

Please help!



Thanks @Robert Johnson . Moving the objects outside the frame was the solution.

(the objects were not grouped und there was also no table, just a frame)


Its a strange bug though, that objects can't be grouped within a frame, haha.

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@Viktoria Kogan - Object can be grouped within a frame, however, some cannot. For example, when I select a shape, text, sticky, and connection line, the Group option is there, but when I include a wireframe object, the Group option disappears:


When reviewing your selected objects, it looks like there is only ten, but the filter shows eleven:


So, can you share a screenshot of what objects you have selected?


I’m encountering the same issue.
Grouping and moving seem to be erratic as soon as frames are involved. 

a specific set of conditions for a simple use case.


I am using the mind mapping tool, I have added cards to the mindmap so I can have detailed text but show it minimized and then 'drill down”into this when I need more detail.

I can group a card, a connector and a bulleted text box no problem, but if I try and group to a mindmap object it does not allow it.

this is annoying because I would like to connect the card to the section of the mindmap and if the mindmap gets rearranged at least it is grouped with the mindmap bubble. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can do this maybe without doing it as a card. What I need is minimized place to store context specific detailed notes that is clickable to expand - not visible on the canvas all the time. Or be able to group a card with a mindmap bubble