Can I move a mind map element from one level to another?

  • 16 April 2020
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Say I want to move an element that is currently level 1 from the core element to be level 2 to another element.


Best answer by Robert Johnson 19 April 2022, 01:24

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8 replies

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I wish it worked with just dragging...tried and did not work, not super intuitive and extra learning curve.

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Hi Samantha,

i know … in comparission with other MindMap-tools like iMindMap (my favorite) like to switch from

Word to Notepad

Hopefully they will move the MindMap-tool to a more userfriendly level.


and how is this done on iPad / iPhone - anyone any clue? 😳

regards, Alfred

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@Samantha :

I have rearranged my branches just like they suggest to do so:

“To reassign a child node to another parent node, just hold down Ctrl/Cmd and simply drag the node”

I works perfectly.

@Alfred :

Sorry i have no idea how to make a keyboard always visible to have access for the Ctrl-Keys?
Any iPad user around that can answer this question?


Doesn't work for me

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@Fintan Devine Doesn’t work for me either. Might be a bug? 🤔

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@Fintan Devine / @Henrik Ståhl - The behaviour changed a while ago. Now holding Ctrl/Cmd stops the auto-reassignment of nodes. Now you just drag the node close to another node to reassign.

To reassign a child node to another parent node, simply drag the node.
✏️ Hold down Ctrl (for Windows)/Cmd (for Mac) if you'd like to move the node instead of reassigning it.



Note about Ctrl/Cmd:



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Ah, would you look at that. Thanks @Robert Johnson! 🌟