Antonymous Guest editing is broken?

  • 17 July 2020
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I'm hosting an event for 100 ppl tomorrow. I need anonymous edit access to work. Anonymous users occasionally cannot select multiple items and move them. And the arrow/hand switch keeps failing so ppl keep moving the board instead of items. Any chance the dev team can fix this today? How can I talk to developers at Miro and see what options I have?


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@Molood -

I’d suggest checking the navigation mode (mouse/trackpad) to confirm that the users are on the correct mode. Also, if the toggle between select and hand cursor isn’t working from the toolbar, use the “V” key as an alternative.

If neither of these resolve the issue, you’ll need to open a support request via Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center.


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@Molood Neither of those problems you described are Miro issues. They are very much user issues. I don't see why Miro should use limited resources to "fix" these as nothing is broken.

What I recommend you should do, as a facilitator, is to have a good Miro onboarding for your participants. A "show and tell" at the start:

  • How to select multiple items and move them around
  • How to toggle "Arrow/Hand switch" to move items around

Thanks @Isman Tanuri for your response even though it has come quite late. My workshop was two days ago!


Unlike what you suggested, the issues I mentioned were in fact Miro issues. I personally tested reproduced the bug on MacOS, Windows and Linux on Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The issues were not consistent but they kept happening on all OSes and all browsers mentioned. I think it may have been introduced in the release that contained “locked items can only be unlocked by a facilitator” as that is when they began appearing.

However, the issues were magically fixed within about 4 hours after appearance. A few hours before my workshop, I tested the same OSes and browsers and the issue was fixed, possibly patched. 

Overall the workshop went fine and everyone had a great experience. 

As far as I’m concerned, this thread is closed now. I should have closed it on Saturday July 18th, 2020.

I currently have the very same problem! Guest users all have the same setup (Windows / Chrome) but for some the toolbars just show some weird effect but don´t display any clickable elements (Shortcuts don´t work either). Other boards on the same hand work perfectly fine for the same guest user. It must totally be a Miro Bug and it just destroyed my seminar! :(