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Miro - What we launched in May 2022

  • 8 June 2022
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Miro - What we launched in May 2022

May was a future-looking month of innovation for Miro, with a slate of newly released product updates, making diagrams more robust and stylish and workflows more secure and streamlined.

At Miro Next, our virtual conference, we unveiled a new platform and variety of new features and integrations designed to help organizations unlock new ways of collaborating and innovating, pushing beyond the boundaries of a typical digital whiteboard. With the launch of our new platform, we’re moving towards a vision of Miro everywhere.


At Miro, we think we need a different model of working altogether, one that responds to the needs for greater connectedness in a complex, hybrid world,Varun Parmar, Miro’s Chief Product Officer, said at the conference. “Ultimately, we are creating more meaningful interaction, co-creativity, and inclusivity through a better way of working.


🔗 To see how Miro’s latest improvements can help your team work better together, check out our roundup of releases from May.



8 replies

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@Max Harper’s PowerPack to the rescue to create the circle of circles.

My steps:

  1. Created one of every sticky note colour using PowerPack’s Series feature.
  2. Using Miro’s object transformation, switched the types from Sticky Note to Shape → Circle
  3. Then  arranged in a circle using PowerPack’s Geometry function.


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@Raph B I don’t have any advice to give you because I don’t agree that a small capacity “should be reserved to ideas and suggestions brought by users.” Wish List ideas is just another source of ideas. Generating ideas are dead simple. Prioritizing and strategizing is the hard part. Doing things just for the sake of doing things is stupid. Maybe they simply don’t want to make this change for various reasons, regardless of what some users in a community forum are saying?

@Henrik Ståhl Well i’ll gladly take your advice on what action should be taken so that Miro development team decide to prioritize some capacity on this.
Do we need to camp outside the head office and show up at the investor meeting as activists investors so that the management see it as a priority?

Don’t get me wrong, good features and improvements are released that make sense for the product improvement and competitiveness roadmap, but a small capacity should actually be reserved to ideas and suggestions brought by users.

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@Raph B Insanity is trying the exact same thing just in a different post, expecting different results?

@Henrik Ståhl Users do complain on the « ideas » page for 2 years now, upvoting the desired feature, commenting and no proper action is being taken by Miro’s team in charge of priorising the development roadmap. Insanity is trying the same thing and expecting different results. 

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@Raph B For the love of dogs, this thread is about what was launched in May – not what wasn't. Complain elsewhere. 🙂

PS. I'm a cat person.

For the love of god, please improve the mindmap to add collapsible branches feature on the mind maps.

The 3rd most upvoted requested idea for 2 years! yes yes 2 years! There is really something to review in how Miro prioritize the features in the developpement roadmap.

Even if Miro just copy what Whimsical have done, we, the users, would be happy.

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@Max Harper PowerPack got a shout-out! 🌟

– PowerPack: Time-saving power tool combinations auto-generate, bulk-fill, sort, size, color and arrange items in Miro