Introducing Member Trials - Available for all Team plan users 🙌

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Collaborating on Miro should be easy and stress-free for new teammates and admins. That's why we're introducing Member Trials for all Team Plan members.

:fire:  Seven days.

:fire:  Full access.

:fire:  Completely free.


Your new teammates get instant collaboration while admins decide who gets added to the paid membership.

Here's some need-to-knows ⚠️:

  • Trials begin when new members open a board and are only valid once for new users
  • Team members or admins can invite new members based on your preference in settings
  • When a trial expires, members automatically become full members unless downgraded before the end of the seven days
  • Admins will get weekly email updates to see remaining trial times and how members are using their trial


Check out the Help Center article to learn more and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Sou brasileiro e tenho interesse em localizar uma comunidade que fale 100% em português.
Alguém pode me ajudar?


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Hi @Jess Struck 

Thanks for sharing this feedback, ill make sure to pass it on to the team working on this. Hopefully in the meantime you can get visibility on who is added as a trial member with the weekly digest email that goes out. Alternatively for additional control you could turn off the team sharing link in your account, so that other team members cannot add members and only you can as an admin. 

Hope this helps but please let me know if you have any other questions :) 


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Oi @Wilson Grison,

Hoje não temos uma comunidade específica de português brasileiro, mas você pode encontrar muitos vídeos úteis no Youtube 🙂 Como este:

Espero que isto ajude :)


Hi there,

This is a great idea, HOWEVER why revert the new trial members to a paid account. I have purchased set seats for a team I don’t check Miro every 7 days to see if new people are added. 

My preference would be for the new members to revert to a ‘Free’ or ‘guest’ account and they can prompt the team owner to purchase their seat.

Right now, i’ll probably get a bill because i don’t check the team accounts often enough...