Clairity in training video "locking objects" 47sec mark

  • 28 January 2022
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I’m watching this and … he is able to select objects  and I am not.

is he not telling keyboard option on how he is selecting multiple options at once?

I am not able to select more than one at a time. 


4 replies

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@Debra Snook -

In general, there are two ways to select multiple items:

  1. Use the left-mouse button to click & drag a selection rectangle around a bunch of objects. 
  2. Left-click on one object and then shift or CTRL-click on others

Is this not working for you?



I do not use a mouse <ever>  / mac 

any keyboard instructions?



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@Debra Snook - You can find a full list of shortcuts and hotkeys by:

  1. Pressing F1 while on a board
  2. Going through the board Settings menu
  3. Or in the following Hep Center article:

Ctrl/Cmd+L is the shortcut for locking selected objects.


Robert .. I really like the 1, 2, 3,  steps that you marked in orange  markers.  

i wish they had those in the video’s.. 

right now my tool box is not even showing up on my board. and many functions are not working.

i’m really frustrated. and about to throw in the towel.  


I see the 

  1. Cmd+L is the shortcut for locking selected objects 
  2. what is the 
  3. shortcut for selecting more than one.. at a time to lock?
  4. Cmd + click
  6. I have tried unsuccessfully to use the text

  7. and sticky note < they will go on the board and cant type>

  8. and type in them.

  9. and also to resize the google doc.

  10. cannot rename the frame by double clicking

the functionality of my board that is not working … 

has me at my wits end. < not your problem>