How Do You Miro? Icebreaker Challenge 🧊

How Do You Miro? Icebreaker Challenge 🧊

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Hi @sailee,

Yes, sure :blush:  

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hi, can we post more than 1 idea?

Thank you, @Dorothy Mankey! I prefer to keep people inside Miro during the workshop, and use only the links that can be embedded in the board thus they do not require opening other websites, so I always keep that in mind when choosing the rewards content. 


Great icebreaker, I am already thinking of how I can use it in my workshops. The reward chest is brilliant @Paul Buntman! You could also hide a link under the chest to a poem, or a funny gif or meme. Thanks for sharing this icebreaker!! 

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Love this icebreaker @Paul Buntman! Especially the reward feature. Thanks for submitting your icebreaker template. Make sure to share this with your network as you can win either People’s Choice or the infamous Judge’s Choice 

  • Paul Buntman

  • Educational projects manager at Redmadrobot

  • This activity helps you to engage your group in several ways simultaneously. At first, everyone sees the list of participants with their names. Then, people start interacting with the board, which is needed in many collaborative meetings. After that everyone sees each other’s choices, and that gives a reason for jokes and other friendly interactions within the group. Rewards received after the questions provide additional positive feedback.

    1. Setup
      Set the icebreaker area for each member of your group. Add their photos if you like.
    2. Characters
      Choose some popular characters relevant to your group. Popular superheroes are an obvious choice. Isn't it awesome to have dinner with Superman?
    3. Questions

      Ask questions about some regular actions. You can also ask something related to the topic of your meeting, workshop or brainstorming session.

      To answer the question, the participants have to drag the pictures of a chosen character to the corresponding area. Then players explain their choices.

    4. Rewards

      Hide icons with some cool things under the chest pictures. Icon Finder can help you there. Delete the chest or drag it away to reveal the prize.

      Alternatively, hide some compliments or nice wishes under an icon of the fortune cookie

  • I hope you enjoy using my icebreaker template and I’ll be happy to get feedback from you!


Love this icebreaker @daniellexo!! What the funniest thing you have ever seen in the highlight pictures? 

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  • Danielle Maveal

  • Consultant

  • This icebreaker brings allows for unscripted conversations by asking attendees to grab something from their home related to a prompt. Here we go beyond the meeting screen, and allow attendees to share an item from their everyday lives. Often this allows people to share personal stories and let the group know them a little more. 

  • Go into breakout rooms (if a large group). Follow the prompts on the sticky notes to grab an item from your home related to the prompt. Take screenshots of the items that spark the most conversations. When the icebreaker is done, bring everyone back together and have them share screenshots from the prompts or items that sparked the most interesting conversations.

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Can’t wait to see the submissions rolling in! 

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Those prizes are fire! :fire: