Which is your favourite Miro template, and how did it change the way you did things?

  • 14 December 2021
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I would love to know which is the most favourite Miro template you are using. What changed after you started using that?



5 replies

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I should have started with my favourite one ;) Anyways better late than never. 1) I love “ the OKR  Planning template.” which I am using to plan & track my life objectives :).

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My personal favorite is the love bomb template! 



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@Colleen Curtis Thank you so much for sharing!  I loved that template. I will use this when I am facilitating my next team meeting. It sure put a smile on my face just by reading the template's purpose.:smiley:

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I can’t imagine my boards without stickies packs. Yes, as simple as that :smile:

My primary Miro use case is brainstorm/ideation and this template literally saves time before or during the session :nerd:


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Ohhh I love this question!

Here are my faves: 

Monster Workshop— one of the most beautiful boards I have ever seen! @Nina Torr 

Boarding Pass by HUED — super cool for networking during remote events 

Sailboat Retrospective — a really cool take on retros @Johanna Torstensson