Using Miro with big Touchscreens for ideation scenarios

  • 2 November 2022
  • 2 replies

I’m curious if there are good experiences in the community of using Miro with big Touchscreens for ideation scenarios? 

We have a 65” Samsung Flip Touch screen that we want to explore using the touch feature together with Miro. First impressions were that everything was more difficult than using mouse+keyboard.

Interacting with Miro objects was difficult. I used a digital whiteboard pen, but it did not have any buttons to help me control settings.

I’m curious if there are any big-touchscreen-using-fans out there? :)

2 replies

I can’t answer your question (yet), but we are looking into large format touchscreens for collaboration and Miro is one of our key Use Cases, for design charrettes etc. So was hoping to see answers here.  I am surprised more people aren’t trying to use it this way - especially with this explosion of hybrid working.    

I see Miro have an app designed for large interactive devices - did you try that or just use the standard app?   

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