TOTW (April 26, 2022) — Lean Inception Workshop

  • 26 April 2022
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TOTW (April 26, 2022) — Lean Inception Workshop
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This week, Lean Inception Workshop by Paulo Caroli is the Template Of The Week (or TOTW). It offers a comprehensive series of activities, typically scheduled over the course of a week that helps teams understand, align, and plan the building of the MVP – Minimum Viable Product – and the product increments.



Do you like this template as much as we do? Leave Paulo a compliment here, :heart:  his template on Miroverse, and feel free to share your favorite Lean templates in this thread! 


Voting makes template discovery easier for other members of Miro Community and supports those who are contributing to Miroverse in such a meaningful way.


How do we choose TOTW? It’s a mystery! But upvoting helps! :hugging:

6 replies

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@Clyde D'Souza You deserved it, it's a great template! 👏

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Thanks for the shout-out, @Henrik Ståhl!

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@Anna Savina all the Lean templates are great. I have to say the is my favorite and not just because I submitted it 😎.

The reason this is my favorite is because this is the elevator pitch for the Lean event. It is a 1 pager that highlights all the great work the team accomplished from Project Documentation, Current State, Data Analysis, Recommended Future State and Implementation Plan.

It is also a great tool for the sponsor to show their peers after the Sell to the Sponsor.

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@Anna Savina I’m a less is more kind of person, but at the same time a sucker for great visual design (I’m easily put off by poor design). It’s quite hard to strike a balance between those; avoiding cognitive overload with overstuffed information while keeping it visually appealing. Lean (and agile) templates tend to be quite excessive information-wise and a bit dull design-wise.

But there are of course Miroverse templates that are striking this balance perfectly! 🌟😍

  1. Minimum Viable Brand Workshop by d.labs (I’m a huge fan of basically all of d.labs templates).
  2. Startup Lean Canvas by @Indra Kusuma.
  3. Hand-Drawn Lean Canvas by @Clyde D'Souza.

Those are my top 3 favourites. 

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@Anna Savina -

I’m a build from scratch guy, so I’d have to go with a value stream map made with basic Miro shapes and arrows, using colors to distinguish value add from non-value add steps, and capturing the time or effort info in text boxes 😉



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@Richard Kasperowski @Henrik Ståhl @R. L. Ruiz @Michael Sohn @Kiron Bondale @Robert Johnson @T.L. @Chris Stone what’s your all-time favorite Lean template? 🤓 Curious to know what the community thinks!