To the general tone of some postings - Wishlist-wishes

  • 23 May 2021
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as someone who often enough is filling the wishlist with his own wishes:

I’ve noticed sometime a harshly demanding tone to make clear that a wish is urgently needed.

We all know this - And everyone here can be sure:

Miro knows about the urgent states of wishes.

But please remember this:

Miro is a great growing company that has over 15 million people using miro and it has grown so fast.
Miro listens to every wish but it is a company that has to take care about much much more at this point … that doesn’t mean that we cannot vote for our wishes here

… that doesn’t mean we cannot ask from time to time what about this

but it cannot allow us to ask in the wishlist:
“would you please respond to the requested topic”

Miro got’s it’s own strategy in responding or in not respondig to requests and like in every company there are things that miro is not able to talk about with us because we are customers and not mironeers - 

Whoever works with customers knows:
You’re not sharing everything you plan in your company with your customers and the same is miro doing - 

So please remember this the next time you ask for an update … maybe a bit moderate like:
Any updates about it ...


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@mlanders -

I couldn’t have said it better!

When I compare Miro with nearly all the other software companies I’ve worked with over the past 25 years, they engage at a much higher level than almost any other one I’ve seen. As with any product, there will be a balance between what users ask for and what falls within the roadmap or vision of product management. The fact that many wish list items have been delivered in whole or part says volumes for Miro’s commitment to user feedback in the development process.