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  • 6 March 2020
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I’m making Karma is a peer recognition and appreciation platform for businesses. Basically, we are trying to make remote work more pleasant: when colleagues say ‘thank-you’s more often, then bond better and get all sorts of emotional benefits. No one’s ever levet their job because of feeling OVERappreciated.

Here at Karma, we LOVE Miro very much and admire the way it grows and develops. During one of the brainstoming sessions, the team seriously considered integrating with Miro, but we couldn’t find the relevant API for comments.

Would Miro team open it up for Karma? I’ll give you a quick example on how it could work:

  • @user comments on any board element or leaves a note: ‘@stas++ for bringing this up’
  • Karma gets this event and figures out that Stas has just got +1 karma from User.
  • Karma responds to the comment/note a cool inspiring note to confirm the point was successfully gathered: ‘Cool! Stas has just got +1 karma from User. Keep it up!’. Ideally, simiarly to what we’ve done on Slack and Microsoft Teams, Karma would post a funky animated card to bring more wow to this.
  • With Miro becoming an everyday tool for the team, a steady stream of peer appreciation points would help Karma to build people’s profiles.

Possible? Thoughts?

P.S.: It’d be cool to track reactions to the comments as well.

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Hi Stas, glad to meet you!

I’m Boris, Platform Product guy in Miro. 

Unfortunately right now there’s now API for comments, and it’s not something in our short-term roadmap, but we’re definitely going to introduce it later. There are a lot of different use cases for such API, the one you described is an interesting one we didn’t encounter before. 

I’ll be happy to chat to generate more ideas around it.