Miro Apps build with Artificial Intelligence

  • 19 September 2021
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Hello Miro community! 


A friend and I, both Miro users, started exploring some Miro app ideas to add to the marketplace. Our focus is on apps using artificial intelligence. Currently, we are investigating 2. 

  1. Image to Miro: Convert your images from other platforms into editable Miro Objects.
  2. Beautify for Miro: No more ugly looking graphs and mind maps. Use our AI assistant to automatically transform your drafts into something beautiful.

Check out our website and vote for your favourite, it will help us decide whether to launch them in the marketplace! https://miroai.wordpress.com/

If you have suggestions for new apps, do let us know as well!

1 reply

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Thanks for sharing this question @RM3! We’ve made some updates to Miro Assist that I think you might find helpful here and can’t wait to share more with you soon!

To learn more about this feature and all other Miro product updates,  join us on March 13 or 14, for our What’s New Product Webinar. You’ll hear directly from our Product Marketing team about how you can use these features to just make work, flow! Hope to see you there 😊