Managing Complex Projects

  • 29 May 2020
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How can Miro help manage a complex project with multiple milestones, checklists and roles and responsibilities?  These projects can span months and years.  They many times have multiple phases and external vendors who have deliverable and timelines.

3 replies

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Hey @Joel R Kennison if you can help further define "help manage a complex project", that would be helpful for the community to think about and help you.

For projects that are going to run for months and years, perhaps the idea of a "single source of truth" might appeal to you. That's what a board in Miro, accessible by all your stakeholders, can do by bringing transparency, clarity and a strategic visual to everyone involved.

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@Joel R Kennison -

For complex schedules, I’d recommend a true project scheduling engine (e.g. MS Project, Primavera). Similarly for financials, I’d use a real project financials tool.

But if you are looking to use Miro as an information radiator to host some dashboards and some key project control artifacts such as a risk register, issue log or current status info, then that is definitely doable. The former two could be tackled using the new grid object for example…


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Hi @Joel R Kennison ,

by looking into your question I have found out that maybe the answer that I gave could help. So I’ll link it here: