Join Miro AI Challenge + Win

Join Miro AI Challenge + Win
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What problems will you solve using Miro AI?


Miro AI is now available in beta and we want to see how you use Miro AI! Inspire the Miro community (and team!) by showing off your AI skills and enter for a chance to win prizes and behind-the-scenes access to the Miro team and more! This challenge should be fun so think of the ways you currently work and how new features like AI generating Sticky Notes, Images, and Mindmaps can help you solve problems, collaborate, and create.




How to Enter:

  • Sign up for Miro AI beta waiting list here 
  • Show us “What problems you’re solving using Miro AI” and copy, take a screenshot, and/or record your work and share it directly in our Community board here 
  • Once you’ve shared your work in the board, comment in this Miro AI Challenge thread below that you’ve completed your challenge submission (yay!)



3 Winners will be chosen and gifted NEW (and pretty cool) swag from our Miro Shop. in addition as a winner you will automatically be eligible to be invited to a future product testing panel with our team to discuss new and existing Miro features. 


Voting & Judging 

Miro’s AI Challenge will be judged and voted on by the Miro team. Submissions will be judged on the interesting and unique use case and creative presentation.


📅 The Miro AI challenge ends April 28th so make sure to submit your work by then!


Good luck! 

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The Miro AI Challenge is complete! And now to announce our winners! Thank you to all who have submitted their thoughtful and creative ideas to our AI Challenge!


We are so pleased to announce the winners of the challenge are: 

🎉 🎉 🎉 @Véronique Carbonneau , @Martin Gleitsmann, and @Frankie Kok 🎉 🎉 🎉


Veronique, Martin, and Frankie, your creativity in expressing how you would use Miro AI is inspiring and we can’t wait to see what other ways you’ll use AI in your work! All three winners will be receiving the latest Miro swag from our new swag shop!! We will send you a direct message/ and or email soon with more info on how you can redeem your prize.

Thank you to all who participated and shared their ideas! Our team continues to be amazed on your innovative ideas and will let you know if there are any other Miro AI opportunities in the future. Thank you everyone! 

Can’t wait to see the great things everyone is working on. I already see some awesome submissions so far!

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Hi all. Wow. That was amazing.
I just completed the AI challenge.
Now I reached my limit - but I still feel like Alice in Wonderland. 
Can’t wait to continue working with it.

All the best & have fun,

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Please note: Now all self serve (not including education) and enterprise users have access to Miro AI! 

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Can’t wait to see the great things everyone is working on. I already see some awesome submissions so far!

Me too! So excited to see more. Don’t forget to comment in this thread once your board is complete!! 

Hello!  The new AI tools look amazing😍... I am dying to try them out!  Hopefully the waitlist is getting cleared soon🙌🏻

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Hey! One of the first to do the challenge, but I forgot the last task to post over here :) So hey ! 
I’ve done it, I have put 2 examples.. but I used AI for so many Social purpose it’s so USEFULL ! 



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so.. @Manouska who’s the winner 👀 I want My Miro swag Cup 😎☕ 😅

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Thank you for the inspiring work everyone in showcasing the power of Miro AI in solving problems. Looking forward to continue collaborate and create with the Miro Community! 

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I don’t want to sound too grouchy but … I was so excited by the announcement and demo and as well as the promise that attendees would be onboarded within a few days, I also signed up for the Beta the same day to make sure I’d get the earliest possible look.

Why, because I am a Miro addict and because I think I have active use cases for it NOW!

… Nearly 2 weeks on and I have never seen anything take off as quickly as AI has ...

… In that 2 weeks, I have read about Microsoft’s new AI functionality coming to Office 365, I have tried the new Bing functionality, I have received my invite from Google to test Bard and I have done a few early queries on the updated Open AI and Chat GPT …

… but still nothing in my in-box from Miro … 

… no added functions have sneaked in to my Miro account and boards …

… logged in again, another look, still nothing …

… and worse still - it looks like I am going to miss the homework deadline!!!

The Miro AI challenge ends March 24th so make sure to submit your work by then!!.”

… and even worse than that I’ll have missed out on the Merch’!

So realistically when might we get access to the Miro AI Beta?

Best regards

David B. 

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so.. @Manouska who’s the winner 👀 I want My Miro swag Cup 😎☕ 😅

👀 We’re announcing TODAY! Keep a lookout on this post!