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Hello– From Your New Forum Lead 😊👋🏿

  • 9 September 2022
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Hey Miro Community!


My name is Manouska (ma-noosh-ka) and I’m so excited to join the Miro team as your new Lead for the Community Forum! What excites me most about Miro is you all. This group is filled with such diverse and dynamic individuals from all around the world and I can’t wait to get to know you all!


Manouska Jeantus, Community Lead, Forum

As your lead, I’ll be responsible for managing the overall forum experience through programs, events and making sure this is a helpful and engaging place for our community to hang out. In my first couple weeks I’ll not only be taking the time to get to know many of you, but will also work to uncover what you love about the Miro community and where you’d like to see improvements. More on this later!


As I’ve gotten to learn more about Miro, This community continues to fill me with insight and inspiration on where Miro has been and where It has the potential to go in the future.  I’m looking forward to unlocking more of our potential together :)



8 replies

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Welcome to the community, @Manouska !


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So glad you're here, @Manouska!!! Can't wait for you to meet this AMAZING Miro Community!!!! 

Let's give Manouska a good Miro hero welcome! @Said Saddouk @Henrik Ståhl @Alejandro De Blasi @Rachel @Jenna Fuentes @Karen M @Paul Snedden @Rob Johnson @Jonathan White @Robert Johnson 


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@Manouska - It was a pleasure chatting with you today ☺️ Welcome to Miro, and the Community!


Hi Miro Community,

My name is Nick. I am an older retired person. I have been missing the old time “Paper Post-It Notes” So I googled to see if some electronic substitutes were available. This is how I found about Miro. There is so much to explore, and learn. I will do it little bit at a time. 

Welcome @Manouska! 🙌🏼

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Thank you @Nick Maneck and @Sarah Fairbarns 😊

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Woop woop, welcome @Manouska! 🥳🥳🥳


I am new to the MIRO environment but find it works well for presentations. But wondering if any of your JAVA Script peeps could tell me if there is a way of creating a timer that reset itself and whatever activity that you created in Miro to what it looked like before the user hit the timer to begin the activity!

Inquiring minds are waiting to know if this is a DO-ABLE possibility.

My Name is CJ