• 29 April 2021
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The brackets/braces shape is not working well for me. For one it doesn’t scale well. And the tip in the middle is barely visible, I wish it looked more like a bracket and was able to scale well. I end up using these arrows instead to create a similar meaning, but that can also be misleading and I often can’t make them look the same.


In this video I scale the brackets from small to big. I also show how I add arrows instead and try to recreate the shape. 


6 replies

I totally agree - the curly bracket is close to useless, if you can’t adjust the width and the “kink”. 

I do believe that it worked as intended when I started using Miro, so is this a bug? 

The curly bracket isn’t working for me either. I can make it longer, but can’t adjust it’s width, so it looks like just a straight line with a tiny kink as it get longer. It used to work perfectly.

Is there any update on the bracket not scaling well? I’m having this same issue.


No news on this issue?

Same issue. I need a tool to group several elements like post it notes and identify what they are. Right now, with the crappy bracket, all I can do is use the pen tool. 

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Great tip, @Sara de Hond !