Want to test new Miro Embed experience?

  • 19 August 2020
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Hey all! 

I know that a lot of you are interested in embedding miro in different tools and web-sites.

Right now we are working on making this experience better and smoother - and I want to invite you to first wave of user-interviews for this enhanced experience.

Please leave a comment or reach out in DM if you want to participate! 

Yours, Boris from Platform Team

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9 replies


I would like to test it if it is not too late because I want to integrate in Blackboard as many tools as possible. Otherwise, students complain about complexity due to multiple windows and tools.

I’d be really interested in this! Working on this for a college course right now.

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@OliverR , was unable to send you a DM for some reason.

Please contact me if you’re still up for the beta-testing (eg, next week).

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I’ve been experimenting w/ embedding boards in a Virtual conference room - simply by using the share the board URL  - it works quiet well - Happy to show you some time


I’m happy participate if you’re still looking

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Thanks @OliverR  and @Gary Smith !

Will be in touch with you shortly!


Yep, I’d like to try it out please.

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Yes, please. I’m in

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Just wanted to tag @Lakshita Malhotra @Justin Williams @Gary Smith @Stephen Nicholson @Jeff Behl @Aashumi @OliverR @Thomas Krause, as based on the questions you posted here on the forum, you seem to use the embed feature :relaxed: