Want to test new Miro Embed experience?

  • 19 August 2020
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Hey all! 

I know that a lot of you are interested in embedding miro in different tools and web-sites.

Right now we are working on making this experience better and smoother - and I want to invite you to first wave of user-interviews for this enhanced experience.

Please leave a comment or reach out in DM if you want to participate! 

Yours, Boris from Platform Team

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9 replies

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Just wanted to tag @Lakshita Malhotra @Justin Williams @Gary Smith @Stephen Nicholson @Jeff Behl @Aashumi @OliverR @Thomas Krause, as based on the questions you posted here on the forum, you seem to use the embed feature :relaxed:

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Yes, please. I’m in

Yep, I’d like to try it out please.

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Thanks @OliverR  and @Gary Smith !

Will be in touch with you shortly!


I’m happy participate if you’re still looking

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I’ve been experimenting w/ embedding boards in a Virtual conference room - simply by using the share the board URL  - it works quiet well - Happy to show you some time


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@OliverR , was unable to send you a DM for some reason.

Please contact me if you’re still up for the beta-testing (eg, next week).

I’d be really interested in this! Working on this for a college course right now.


I would like to test it if it is not too late because I want to integrate in Blackboard as many tools as possible. Otherwise, students complain about complexity due to multiple windows and tools.