What are the challenges of building a brand story?

  • 18 January 2022
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What is most challenging when creating a brand story?:nerd:


Join us for the Building Blocks of Brand Masterclass taking place Jan 19th at 5:15pm CET where Joe Caplin from Outfly will help you Identify your customer base, unpicking the value you give them, assessing your position against your competitors, and ultimately, what that means for your tone of voice, colour scheme and overall brand feel.

 Here’s a sneaky peek at the nitty-gritty of it all: 

🦉 We’ll define the Who, that's your audience and their needs.

🦚 We’ll define the What, as in your niche product features and benefits.

🦅 We’ll define Where you stand, after analysing your market position and positioning strategy.

🕊️ And finally, we’ll be hashing out the story of your mission, to discover your Why.


In the meantime please share your brand building tips and tricks in the comments :sunglasses:

3 replies

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Will there be a recording that will be shared out after this call?

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Hi @Kevin Kinisky, I will share the recording after :)

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Hi @Kevin Kinisky and everyone who didn’t make it to the event. You can watch the recording here :slight_smile: