Upcoming Event! Community Clinic with Miro Heroes (Ask the Experts!)

  • 9 August 2021
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We have a SUPER exciting community event coming up this week, led by our APAC user leaders @Isman Tanuri and @Joshua William Davies ~ Community Clinic with Miro Heroes

Thu, Aug 12, 5:00 PM (GMT+8)


Why you should join us for this special APAC VMUG edition:

  • You're already a Miro user but you have more questions or you'd like to revisit the platform and refresh your knowledge
  • You're an educator, learning or process facilitator or trainer, and you'd like to sharpen up your virtual facilitation game with Miro

While there are many Miro Heroes in our midst, Isman and Joshua have asked an international group of passionate virtual facilitation and virtual collaboration practitioners to help us help you get the most of out this learning event. You'll be organized in groups of like-minded peers with our Miro Heroes who'll help you discover more about the platform, the benefits and advanced use cases for Miro.

It's all experiential and non-judgemental!

Meet our Miro Heroes on the day:


We are so fortunate to work with such passionate folks eager to knowledge share and continue to empower our user community on how to enrich their lives and work using Miro. 

What are you eager to learn more about? 

5 replies

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@Darwin ANTIPOLO @Francis Jee @NurulFathiyah @Robert Kienzle @Timothy Nguyen sooo exciting to see you on the list of participants! How do you feel about the event? :blush:


@Isman Tanuri @Joshua William Davies the idea is :fire:

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@Marina , it’s going to be awesome! we had a test run the other day - looking great… excited to have meet fellow volunteers who stepped up… and of course, looking forward to meet the community this thurs!  ~ can’t so No to @Isman Tanuri and @Joshua William Davies, just brilliant 

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Thank you so much for the support, @Darwin ANTIPOLO, and @Marina, the passionate community inspires the idea! :)

@Marina - this is the most encouraging, enriching and fun community that I get to be part of, especially during this prolonged lockdown season in Sydney. 

@Isman Tanuri, @Joshua William Davies, @NurulFathiyah and many others have been so generous with their time doing the heart and hard work behind to scene to keep this community growing and thriving. 

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Ah that’s great to hear, @Timothy Nguyen :revolving_hearts: