Miro Webinars | October 2021

  • 4 October 2021
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Hi community! And hello, October :jack_o_lantern:

Don’t miss the October webinar schedule!

:paperclip:  Please find all links in the attached document.



4 replies

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Hello, I registered for the Hosting Your Next Successful Brainstorm webinar today October 12 and I never received confirmation, I resisted checking the page and everything but I did not find how to enter the webinar, did it take place?

Will the session be recorded?

Thanks 😄

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Hey @Jaime Moncada

I do apologize that you didn’t receive that confirmation email, I do see where you registered! 

This session did take place today and it was recorded, we send out the recording and a copy to the board to everyone who registered whether they were able to attend or not, you should see that in your inbox tomorrow morning! 


Best - Jo

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Thank you very much for your quick response and congratulations on the great job you have done. Thanks to Miro I have developed my super power as a facilitator and these topics are very interesting to me.

Taking advantage of the moment, can I ask you a question?
I have been registering but I do not receive the confirmation emails, they are not in spam either

I want to attend tomorrow's workshop Miro for workshop leaders,

I share a short 30 sec video with demo of how I am trying to register


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Hey @Jaime Moncada 


Thank you so much for the kind feedback, we really appreciate it and look forward to bringing even more content! :grin:

I also really appreciate you recording and sharing this loom with me! I’ll take a look into what could be preventing the email from being sent. I know we have had issues in the past with our form not reading all email address, however I don’t think that’s what we are seeing in your case since the form submitted and I did see where you registered for our Brainstorming webinar. The confirmation email comes from the email address: no-reply@zoom.us

I get back to you as soon as I have an update!


Best - Jo