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  • 17 November 2022
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Want to learn more about how our Distributed ‘22 speakers are using Miro and enter for a chance to win exclusive swag? Join us Today, November 17th for an async ‘Ask Me Anything’ conversation thread featuring, Douglas FergusonMax Harper and Rachel Davis + Jonathan White. Ask a question (or three 😉) by 11:59pm PT and you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win exclusive Miro swag!

Find our Distributed ‘22 speakers' conversation threads below:

AMA w/ Max Harper 

AMA w/ Rachel Davis + Jonathan White 

AMA w/ Douglas Ferguson 


💻 Remember this event is happening now directly in our Forum and you can participate by asking questions in the comments. Easy!

1 reply

How should consultants organize their teams and boards with clients?

I want to work with several clients separately.

Now that I've purchased a consultant plan, I have a question: how do I organize work with my clients? Do I need to open new teams or do new projects at my central unit and invite consultants there?

  1. Additional licenses are not something I want to pay for
  2. For each client, I want to see only the boards created for that client.