Time and date widget embed into board

  • 12 February 2024
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I want to be able to embed a widget to display various time zones into a board.  When conducting meetings with various people in various time zones it would be so helpful

2 replies

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This sounds like a good idea to be submitted to the Wish List section, I also work in an organisation where we have meetings on with teams from different time zone but still curious on the use cases to have times of different timezones shown on a Miro board, if you don’t mind to share.

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Hi @PDunn,


At the moment we don’t support custom widgets on the board, but I think your idea can work in a way. If you already have a widget hosted somewhere (as a page with different timezones), you can try to create an embed widget with mode inline, pointing to that website. The only caveat is that users will have to click on the widget to get the latest time.