[Miro Developer] Create UML via REST API from Data

  • 9 November 2022
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Hello everyone,

i am a student in germany studying business informatics. Beside that i am working in a company in a dev team.

For my studies i have to carry out a project and i thought about creating an interface for the company i am working in, that exports the data structure of the classes and imports them into a miro board and creates an UML diagramm.

Before I start, I wanted to know if it is at all possible to transfer data (e.g. in JSON or CSV/XML format) via an API to Miro and finally create a UML diagram with it.

I have already read a bit of the documentation and found very cool information about creating shapes, notes and so on. But is there also the possibility to create a kind of “UML-Shape”? Or do i have to programm that by myself (like connecting multiple rectangles in a right order).

I look forward to your answers 🤗

Thanks in advance

1 reply

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Hi @Denis Kudic,

That’s an awesome idea! In fact, we already have some resources you can check out to get you started. We have a guide on using PlantUML to create diagrams using Miro’s Developer Platform: https://developers.miro.com/docs/code-to-diagram-with-miro-plantuml

In addition to this, we also have some of the code samples available here: https://github.com/miroapp/miro-plantuml


Hope this helps!