Manipulation only - no new board elements?

  • 1 July 2020
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Hi community,

I’m keen to experiment with extending the Miro board with other apps that can be dropped onto the board and used by the team.

E.g. and embedded version of Figma, a file store or a coding environment.

I can’t use the iFrame widget for this as it defaults to just showing a preview - I want it to show the actual content of the remote session (likely with some kind of user locking mechanism).

Am I correct in my understanding however that the widgets/API can only be used to create apps that manipulate existing board items (e.g. place post its) vs create new board entities (e.g. premium post it).

Thanks for your help!



Best answer by Ahmed El Gabri 2 July 2020, 10:50

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Hi Ahmed,

What I really need, is simply an iFrame element I can drop on the board, that shows the actual content of the page rather than a play button.

The theory here is that if I then embed webpages which themselves can handle concurrent users (e.g. Google sheets, Glitch etc.) I can have the whole team working on one single canvas. I can scroll over, for example to my developers and see the code taking shape, I can see CI pipelines springing to life and I can potentially see finalised products (if they are web apps).

I want to do this because I’ve seen how incredibly productive the whole team working one board at the same time is.

My thought was I could build a simple iFrame component which I could drop onto the page which behaved how I intended, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.



Hello everyone, 

I just encountered the same problem. For a Performance Board we want to embed a simple tracking watch for our Cycle-Time KPI. 

Instead of creating a new sheet with a lot of waste of space, we wanted to create a specific image which can updates frequently. However, like the author, there is this play button instead of the actual frame. 

Is there any possibility or work going on which can help us? 

Thank you in advance for the communication.



Hi @Ferris440,

You are right currently this is not supported, but I’m curious to know more about your use case & what are you trying to achieve?