Looking for a Miro developer for an extended card functionality

  • 11 May 2021
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we’re looking into extending the functionality of the current cards on Miro.

Firstly, I’m a simple Miro user, and have no idea of how to develop an app/ add-in, how to work with APIs, SDKs or whatsoever, all of that is cryptic to me. And that will stay so because I don’t need to.

So I’m looking for someone who could develop an extended card function we can use.

Basically I want to create a set of cards (think board game) which I can put on a Miro board. They have two sides: the front side has an image, a single sentence, and possibly a colour code (to group cards) – very similar to the existing card functionality.
The back side is rich-text/ rich-media, containing text, tables, links, images, maybe videos, … (the default card functionality allows for bold/ italic text, for lists, and links, but nothing more, which is insufficient).

It would be lovely if it created the impression that the card is flipped over, but just “expanding” it would work, too. It’s just important that I can fully control what is on the front side (visible by default) and what is on the back side/ expanded view.

Me as board owner, I’d also like to lock the card so that other users cannot edit/ change it. And a nice add-on could be that me as owner/ facilitator can lock the flipping over/ expansion, and unlock it at some point in time.


Here are some examples of such card sets, which I’d like to bring onto Miro:



(but I would want to develop and edit my own card sets)

  1. So firstly, does anybody think this can be done?
  2. Are there developers out there who would take on such a task?
  3. Roughly, what magnitude of costs would we look at?

Thanks for any advice/ insight!



6 replies


Hi @Stonelli I developed a Miro plugin that simulates the Card flip action. For now it only accepts text on one side and text or image in the other side of the card.

The plugin is called Flip Sticky Notes and it will be approved to the Marketplace in a couple of days.

I get back here to let you know when it is available, ok?



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Sorry but no. Any mid level JavaScript developer can use the Miro  docs and create what you want as long as your requirements are clearly defined.

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@Markus Smet @Stonelli ,

I was wondering whether you found any Miro developers in Upwork that you would recommend.




Thanks @Markus Smet, really appreciate your input. 
Now as mentioned, I have zero knowledge or skills in coding and software development, so some of the things you write are rather cryptic to me.
But I take your suggestion that I should find a product owner or a developer of the kind you describe. Probably ideally someone with Miro experience and knowledge (which is why I post in this forum).

Any idea where I find that person?

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You can use Upwork and look for someone with Javascript coding experience. You will need to manage the project providing basic UI designs using Miro’s design library (there’s a Figma file for that referenced in the docs) coupled with some clear description of what you want. When I work with Upwork developers I use Trello and write tickets for the various project elements to break the project apart.

If you can’t do those things or don’t want to, you should consider a Product Owner with rudimentary Figma design skills to define the UI, or try to find a developer who can do basic UI layout work (this will be more expensive than working with a Javascript developer). 

Costs for something like this could range from $300-$3000.

(DeckHive is a tool external to Miro, which is doing something similar – I’d like to bring this functionality in the above-described manner into Miro itself:

https://deckhive.com )