JIRA and Planning Poker Integration

  • 23 June 2020
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Good morning.

I am trying to find out about the level of integration Miro has with JIRA and planning poker, specifically as to how much can be automated e.g. pulling in stories that are of a certain status, point a story, then automatically update the relevant JIRA story with the relevant number of points.

I’ve seen there is JIRA cards integration, but my question, is that in using planning poker, would there still be a manual element to pick the stories from JIRA that need to be pointed, and once the pointing has occurred, we would then need to manually update the JIRA story by clicking on its card?

Anybody have any experience with the JIRA integration that would be able to answer this one?

Many thanks

1 reply

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Hey David!

This is an interesting use case you describe!

Right now these two plugins are completely independent, no automation or integration is currently present between them.