IDEA: Add hidden markers to widget

  • 5 April 2020
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We create widgets via the Miro API and query them afterwards back. We need to know which widgets are what (e.g. to find stickers placed within a specific widget).

So far, we rely on the text to match the enclosing widget. Yet, this leads to issues if users change the text in the Miro UI and it’s cumbersome if boards are localized (i.e. lots of text variants to match).

(Aa an alternative, we considered storing the Miro widget ID but that’s tricky as it requires us to hold this state.)

We would like to send a hidden marker to the API during widget creation, which is then returned when querying for widgets. As a parallel, consider the ID field in HTML elements: The developer sets it, website users don’t see it and can’t change it, yet developers can query the elements afterwards with this ID via `getElementById`.

4 replies

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Ronny, there a feature called metadata:


I think it’s just what you need :thumbsup:

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Thanks, Boris. This is exactly what we were looking for!


Is this feature still present? I use web SDK for my app and I need metadata to identify particular sticky notes created from it. When I create a stickyNote ( I need to insert a metadata to be able to find it during extraction operation.



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Hi @MasBar,


Our Platform v2 do not offer metadata at widget level yet. You can store metadata at the board level using the setAppData method.


You can vote for this feature on our roadmap.