Getting started with REST API from .NET client

  • 12 July 2022
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I’m struggling to get started accessing the MIRO Rest API from a windows client.

I have created a Developer Team board to test, which seems to give me some of the authorization data which the API docmentation describes. I was rather hoping to get into all the authentication stuff later on - right now, I need to investigate how easy it is to pull Miro data from my little test board.

Does anyone have a C# (or better still example of reading a developer board ? 

Is this even possible from a Windows machine which isn’t running a web server?

1 reply

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Hi Ian! 

You are able to test our API directly from our documentation, and even send requests from it! 

For example, you can send a request to get items on a board from here:

You will need to input specific parameters, like your auth token and a board ID

You are also able to generate code snippets for multiple languages, including C#! 


For testing the API, you will need a valid auth token, but you can easily generate one via Miro’s UI, when creating an app:

You can simply copy the value here and use it while testing. 

Hopefully this helps!