Error connecting via a Miro App

  • 15 June 2023
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I’ve opened a support ticket but haven’t heard back so figured I’d try here. Going to be a bit vague so that I don’t divulge anything sensitive, this is why I opened a support ticket…

So I’ve got another company that can connect to Miro and these are their instructions for doing so:

Then, you'll need to retrieve your app credentials. To do this:

1. Click your profile image in the upper-right corner, and choose "Settings"
2. Click "Profile Settings", and navigate to "Your Apps" tab
3. Click the name of the app in the Created Apps section. This will display your app credentials
4. Copy the "Client ID" and paste it in the corresponding field
5. Copy the "Client secret" and paste it in the corresponding field
6. Click Connect. This will open a new window
7. Select the team to integrate with from the dropdown
8. Click Install & Authorize

Their instructions are a bit out of date by step eight but the same thing applies I figured. When completing the above I get this error:

This application cannot be installed because it requires scopes that are not available in the team you selected

I’ve specified the scopes as requested by the other company and the above error is coming from Miro so figured I’d start with Miro support. Does anyone have any insight on this?

1 reply

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Hey @Tyler Woods - we usually see this error when an app with Enterprise scopes is attempted to be installed to a team not on an Enterprise plan.

Can you share the Client ID of your app (you can send it to me via a private message here if that suits better), and also the Team ID for the Miro team you’re installing the app to. You can find this in the URL on the team settings page.