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  • 10 November 2020
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Hello,  Is it possible to create custom widgets?  I’d like to create a sticker widget that has an autocomplete select-box of previously entered values in my app database.  Something like

It doesn’t seem like I can add components or additional JS to widgets to make them more useful.  Is this something that’s possible, or will be in the future?  I think if the functionality was opened up a bit then there is a lot of potential for creating really cool apps.


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Hi @Daniela Gavidia,

This would really be a killer feature that would allow using Miro for more structured diagramming capabilities.

For now it’s almost impossible to practically use Miro for e.g. UML diagramming, BPMN, CMMN, ERD, C4, ArchiMate, etc. Of course, Miro could offer some of them (Miro did an awesome job with wireframes for instance), but integrating each and every diagramming notation would be a daunting task.

Allowing third-parties to provide custom shapes would really help Miro measure up quickly against tools such as Lucidchart,, Visio, etc. I really love Miro and some of its features makes it unique and awesome, but I must admit that this lack of specialized shapes is unfortunately a blocker for many professional uses. For now it’s the only point that prevents our company to use it as our only diagramming tool, and we must still rely on other tools for UML, BPMN, etc.

I’ve an extensive experience in creating Visio custom shapes (their “Shapesheet” approach is extremely powerful and easy to use, even by non-programmers) and have fidgeted with creating SVG-based custom shapes, and frankly, I’m missing the equivalent in Miro...


This is, in my workflow with teams, THE missing feature. Something like components in Figma is what I have in my mind.

@Aleph Ofosev Agreed. I made many objects via ShapeSheets in Visio for my organization. Really need some ability to build the shapes I need/care about. I’d like rectangles with editable rounding and would build it myself if I Miro allowed me.

If that helps you, as a workaround you could create a miro web-plugin so that the dropdown, extra functionality is there in the sidebar and based on that you can create the widgets.

Let me show what I just built the last days, which autocomplete and the INJECT creates the shapes (:

And yes, it is really a pitty that its not possible to create custom widgets, at least with custom stylesheets, which would help alot already.

Best, Markus

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Hello Todd,


At the moment, it is not possible for external developers to create their own custom widgets. I agree with you that it would be something really cool to have and I’m sure that developers would be very creative with the new widgets they would come up with. It is definitely something that we might consider for the future. However, we do not have immediate plans to release that functionality.


Kind regards.



Developer Experience Team