Can we give edit access to Team without creating Miro account for members?

  • 22 November 2021
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We would like to embed Miro as a component in one of our enterprise level tool. We would like to know if we can create a board for a Program Manager and give access to the Team Members to edit and collaborate. In this case, are the following things possible?

  • Can the team members edit and collaborate the board without having an Miro Account for their own?
  • Can the team members download and share the finished board in a publicly viewable format (PDF)?
  • Is there any limit in the number of users who can collaborate and work on a board?

1 reply

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@Kalyanasundharam Swaminathan -

If the board is shared for Visitor edit access ( then:

  1. Yes 
  2. No - they would need to have Miro accounts for this
  3. Virtually no