BoardsPicker non-registered users same as visitor experience?

  • 6 March 2023
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I want to have non-registered Miro users come to my website and use an embedded Miro board but I don't want Miro ads popping up asking them to either sign up or create an account so they could display their real name.  I also want control of the board so I can programmatically set permissions on the board, create the board from a copy of another board, or use the API however else I chose too.  I don't understand what the boardPicker does exactly, I see there's a client ID, so that leads me to think there's some type of authentication that could possibly run a board as a service account.  If what I'm thinking is true, would multiple non registered users be able to interact with the board or are there limitations?




1 reply

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Hi @John C.,


Thank you for the detailed description, let me try to address your points.

If the desired result is to have full control over the board, you can create your board via API (including copying an existing board) and set the permissions for sharing access to edit. This board can be embedded as an iFrame, and edited by non-miro users. This way you’ll also be able to perform API calls on that board using the platform app if you would like to do so.


If I understand the requirements correctly, I wouldn’t recommend using a board picker for non-miro users in this case, because temporary boards do not provide the same degree of control that was requested. 


A few additional details: 

  • Client ID is just an identifier of the platform application.
  • In short, if your board is editable publicly, it will also be editable publicly when embedded.
  • As for the number of users, general guidelines should apply. 

Hope this helps!