AccessLink and Board Duplication

  • 11 February 2021
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Hello there,

So we are trying to build a teaching app where users are taken through several stages in a lesson, one of which being able to interact on a whiteboard.

For a lesson we want either a blank board or to start from a template designed for that particular topic. The board should be created from a template programmatically and embedded at the appropriate point in the lesson. This is embed it on the page so everyone would be able to see it and interact with it.

After some investigation and tests we came across the following problems:


There seems to be no way to programmatically get access-links other than using your boardPicker.js. I am aware that we are able to embed using{board_id}/ but this requires the user to click on the board for them to see it and we really want to avoid that.And the only option where no click is required is by using “{the access link part}”. We want to skip the boardPicker and programmatically select the right board but we can only get the viewLink or the boardId and that is not really useful to us.So is there any way to generate those access links through your API?


Also as I mentioned, we would like to enable the user to select an existing “template” board and use it for his session. Currently I tried copying the widgets from the “template” board into a new board, but that has way to many limitations and doesn’t work that nicely. As mentioned in this thread there should be some sort of private API that might be able to do that board duplication, so it would be great if we could have access to that.

Thanks a lot!

Atanas Kolev


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Hey @Atanas Kolev!

Yiu can add URL parameter {?embedAutoplay=true} to skip the pre-loading screen.

I suggest this solution for your case, not the access-link :thumbsup: