Which Template to Use?

  • 18 July 2023
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Just getting into my Miro journey, the whole whiteboarding thing, actually. Oh, I have used real whiteboards in the past, but I was unaware of the vast range of options for organizing projects and data.


And that’s where I’m getting bogged down. How do I know which template I should be using to solve for a particular need? The previews don’t give me quite enough information to make a choice. I’d love to see examples (ideally a video) of how each type is used; is there a course in the Academy I should be starting with, or maybe another (external?) resource that goes into a bit more detail?

1 reply

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@Don Morris -

Unfortunately, with templates you will need to try them and decide if they fit your needs or not. However as a lot more content exists in Miroverse, you might find that better as there are examples as well as more descriptions of what you are getting in those submissions.