What's we do to restore a board that has disappeared without reason

  • 4 December 2023
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That’s so frustating, I have work 6 months of my time on a board for my end of study project and realise afterward that it has suddenly disappeared 😱 for now reason from my account.


I don’t understand how that’s possible to happen on a plateform, is there like update bug or hacking concern which could be causing this ?


Thanks in advance for all your lead on this topic.

1 reply

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@Paul Lemaire - A couple of things to try/questions:

  • Look for the board in your browser history - usually a Ctrl/Cmd-H to open the history panel and then search for the board name.
  • Make sure your dashboard filtered on “Owned by anyone”
  • And make sure you are on the right team space, and have selected “Boards in this team”:



If you have a paid Miro subscription, you can open a Miro support ticket by following these instructions: