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  • 29 March 2020
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Is it possible to add automatically the name of the author to a sticky note? That way, working and brainstorming with group of people I (we all) can directly see who posted which notes.


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Hey @Bert Slagmolen, I’m afraid this doesn’t work the exact way you describe, but you can try using tags in stickies (each person manually adds a tag, the tag remains on the duplicated sticky note).
If there is a sticky note without a tag, you can check who added it in the context menu (right-click on the note) > Info.

Hope that helps!

Marina, this is not a tenable solution. It is already a challenge to teach customers enough of the tool in short order to get them to use sticky notes. Asking them to add tags is a hassle. People are firing off sticky notes in rapid fashion and we just want to ID them. I’d like this to be a feature request.

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@John laPlante -

Remember that you can see who created each note by going to the Activity Log and clicking on the individual sticky note entries there.

If that isn’t a viable workaround, you can enter a wish list topic following the guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know 🌠 | Miro


Thanks for the tip. FWIW, the official name is Activity List not Activity Log. I was unaware of this feature and it could be helpful. But for my case, users want to look at a note and then respond. They often don’t know each other so are hesitant to add related notes because they don’t want to hurt feelings etc.

 I’ll add a feature request.

Retweet on this feature. Figjam does this, and it’s really handy. 


It would be nice to automatically place author names on stickies, 

really useful if doing a brainstorm / workshop where getting ideas on stickies and may need to go back to clarify. If can see email - or to the @ - of guests it would help. While the log is there there is only so much time you want to waste tracing through

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As someone who does often MindMapping / Brainstorming with groups I do not like to have the name on the Sticky note - it would disturb me and holding back the optical mindflow process for my groups.

But it is possible to see inside every element you have on a miro board by right-mouseclick (Info) who have created this - 

I often use this as time- or usertracking tool:



On this theme - is it possible to turn OFF the Author tracking feature? recently it seems some boards removed the ability to right-click - Info to display the Author, but I can’t figure out if this is an option or not (I’d actually like to do this for confidential input from participants)

Now you can use feature “Show author” 👍


I can’t see it on my Miro.


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I can’t see it on my Miro.


@Sandhya Valathajamana - This enhancement was announced a few days ago and is slowly rolling out to all users. No ETA that I know of.

I can’t see it on my Miro.


Sorry, it looks like i suddenly pre-released a feature. Checked with team, it is coming :)

This NEEDS to be optional… Post-its should be anonymous if facilitator wants.

it appears optional but I can show an author to another note. all good really.  However, I noted that if another user, “duplicates” a note that someone else created, the author remains the original author, not the duplicator.  

Can we get that to update to the latest author?

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Hi @Richard Massaioli,

The author is changed when you remove all the text from the sticky and then type something new. This way, we allow collaborators to correct mistakes on the sticky created by someone else while keeping the original author.​


it should then have both authors listed

My request is to turn off this feature or select optional. 'Anonymity' values a lot to enhance psychological safety at meeting especially in our culture.  Some are resisting to this feature including me...🥲

Is it possible to filter or export stickies with author name? 

Per example: I would like to know how many time a certain person wrote a sticky


Thank you