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  • 14 February 2022
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Someone has shared a board with me but their team doesnt show up on the left hand side (they are paid version and I am on the free version). I have scoured the boards and nothing comes up. Have tried deleting my team - but theirs still doesnt show up. What am I doing wrong?


1 reply

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Hi @Scott Sanders!

Thanks for posting this question. It’s hard to say for sure without more details, but some of the possibilities include:

  1. The board has been shared with you only via the public link, in which case you’ll be able to see your avatar if you’re logged in but you won’t be able to see the name of the board owner when you click the board name and won’t find the board on your dashboard:


  2. It’s quite often the case that users share a board with one email, but the recipient logs in to Miro with a different email address. Please check that you’re logged in to Miro with the same email that has received the invitation.

Hope this helps! If neither of these suggestions do the trick, please let me know - I’ll convert your post into a support ticket and the team will investigate the issue further via email. 🙂