Shapes keep moving to the front

  • 12 July 2023
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I have a board consisting of large squares which I’m using as a background to put small squares containing text onto.
However, the background squares keep moving to the front, making the squares with text in disappear behind them.
I’m the only person with edit rights, and I have checked the board history. Neither me or anyone else is moving these to the front/moving the text squares to the back. It just seems to be doing it by itself.
Has anyone seen this before? Can anyone help?
For now I’ve made the background squares transparent, but that kinda defeats the object of having them.

2 replies

I’ve been having the same problem the last two days with images moving to the front randomly. I’ve tried grouping them and locking them, but even when they are locked they do it. Would love to hear if anyone has a solution for it.

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I just figured out that a shape being around a Kanban board, and the shape being “in front” of the Kanban board, leaves the “+ Add card” action inaccessible. Maybe this is all related… I will at least include a link to this post with the help desk ticket that I just opened for my issue.