Question: Voting use case

  • 5 November 2021
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I am looking for some kind of "Planning Poker" solution/ functionality that can be used to solve the following use case. Does anyone have an idea?
1) 35 participants enter a statement on a certain topic e.g. "autonomous driving".
2) the same 35 participants see all entered statements and vote for the best statement on this topic (3 votes per person)
3) this process is repeated for 8 other topics
4) The result is 9 statements (the voting winners) from 9 topics

Do you have any idea how to solve this use case with Miro?

3 replies

analogous to this product:

and, if I would use the voting function on a set of Cards created by all participants, how am I able to rank/ sort the cards according to the amount of votings? (filter/ rank/ sort)

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@Matthias Rüdiger

Voting and Smart Meetings(in Beta): In this video I walk through a workflow that will give you several sessions of a meeting preset for “dot voting”. 


 The last step of aggregating the winners of all 9 would be done manually: 

  • In the voting side pane, click ‘Results’, and work your way through your 9 voting sessions, moving or cloning your winners from each voting session into a new ‘winners’ frame.


And FYI, you won’t need the Smart Meetings to run ‘voting’ on the fly. J\Each time you want the group to vote, do the following:

  • Click ‘Bring Everyone to Me’ (top right, under your avatar icon)


  • Then click the voting button down in the bottom left.
  • Then configure the voting session in the panel on the right and hit ‘Start’ at the bottom of that pane.