Presentation with remote clicker device

  • 21 September 2022
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Hi! I'm going to give a presentation in person and I want to click through my slides with a presentation clicker (Wireless Presenter Remote) just like you would use the arrows on your keyboard, but it is not working.

Is it true that this is not possible (yet)?

4 replies

Hi Kiron,


Thanks for your answer. After a reboot it worked. I should have tried that first, obviously..

Thanks anyway!

This doesn’t work anymore, unfortunately. The last upgrade from this or the last month broke this function. Google docs/libre office works fine with Logitech wireless pointer, but it doesn’t work anymore in Miro.

Hi there, 

any recommendation for a free digital remote clicker compatible with miro ?

I’m pretty happy with “Remote for slides” (, but not find out how to use it with miro. 


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@Pien -

I just tried it with my remote clicker on my Windows 10 laptop and it works fine for going backwards and forwards between frames in presentation mode.